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Luzerne County Transportation Authority

315 Northampton Street

Kingston, PA  18704


Archive: Contracts, Leases, & Agreements
Month Title
December Motion to Approve Board Action
December LCTA FTA Drug and Alcohol Policy Revised for 2015
December Luzerne County Children & Youth 1-1-15 to 12-31-15
December Senior Care Centers of Luzerne County Inc.
November Interpreter 2014-15 RFP
November Aging Agreement 1-1-15 to 12-31-15
November MHDS Agreement 1-1-15 to 12-31-15
October Pressure Wash Area Mobile Lift System RFQ 13-14-010C
September LCTA Local Match Resolution (corrected)
September Hazleton Public Transit Agreement
August Kidz Korner 2014-15
August Child Development Council 2014-15
August Wash Bay Upgrade for Shared Ride Vans
July Fiscal Year Ridership Analysis
July Board Notification KPN 2014-15 Fuel Bid
July Auditor Cert
July Children & Youth First Amendment
June Wyoming City Agreement
June Poetry In Transit Funding Request
June Fare Increase Policy
June MH-DS Agreement 7-1-14 to 12-31-14 plus Addendum #1
June Mount Olivet Agreement 7-1-14 to 12-31-14
June Volunteers of America Agreement 7-1-14 to 6-30-15
June Resolution for Local Match 2014-15
June Aging Amendment 1-1-14 to 6-30-14
June Children & Youth Agreement 7-1-14 to 12-31-14
June Child Development Council Addendum
June Aging Agreement 7-1-14 to 12-31-14
May RFQ CMMS for Approval
May Tire Storage Bldg. RFQ 13-14-008 Approval
May Northeast Counseling Business Agreement
May Children & Youth Contract FY 14-15
May B&D Summer Contractor Contract
May Children Service Center Summer Program Contract
April ODP Provider Agreement
April LCTA Testing & Inspections Proposal
April Group Life-Disability Comparison
April POP Response
March Transportation Subcontractor Service for Children's Ummer Behavioral Health Camps
March Transportation Subcontractor Services 2014
March LCTA-COLTS STEP Agreement
March Data System Upgrade Quote 5004723
March RFQ 13-14-006 Intermodal Auto Door & Vestibule
February Agency on Aging Amendment
January ACT 44 Driver Compliance Policy
January Act 44 Data Collection