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Luzerne County Transportation Authority

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Mon - Fri, 5:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Shared Ride Programs
Bus along with a small picture of wheel chair accessing bus

The Luzerne County Transportation Authority (LCTA) offers a Shared-Ride service. That means in most cases you will ride with others and other passengers may be picked-up and dropped-off before you reach your destination. The trip may take longer than if you were going by yourself and passengers should plan accordingly.


The service provided is Curb-to-Curb and most Shared Ride vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Drivers will assist passengers on and off vehicles and, if needed, to their destinations. Drivers cannot, however, help passengers inside their residences or take a wheelchair up or down multiple steps.


All passengers must be registered with Shared Ride (or with the Luzerne County Transit Authority(LCTA) in case of Special Transportation Efforts Program-STEP) before using our services, and advanced reservations are required. You may call 570-288-8420 or 1-800-679-4135 with any questions or concerns.


Shared Ride Phone and Fax


LCTA Shared Ride Program


(570) 288-8420
2009 Wyoming Avenue Fax (570) 288-7455
Forty Fort, PA 18704 Feedback (570) 283-1683

Shared Ride Program

Rate Changes – November 1, 2018


LCTA will introduce a new rate structure for the Shared Ride Program, starting on November 1, 2018. The Shared Ride Program has been operating at the current rates since 2017. This rate increase is necessary, in order to keep up with continuous service demands, as well as the cost of fuel, payrolls, insurances, and other operating costs.

The new fare structure, which has been approved by PennDOT, is listed below:


Trip Mileage What You Currently Pay New Rate Effective 11/1/2018
Lottery Program PwD Program Lottery Program PwD Program
0 - 1.99 $ 2.15 $ 3.50 $ 2.50 $ 3.50
2 - 3.99 $ 2.50 $ 3.50 $ 2.80 $ 3.50
4 - 5.99 $ 2.80 $ 3.50 $ 3.20 $ 3.50
6 - 9.99 $ 3.30 $ 3.50 $ 4.20 $ 4.20
10 - 15.99 $ 3.90 $ 3.90 $ 6.00 $ 6.00
16+ $ 4.35 $ 4.35 $ 6.75 $ 6.75



The Senior Citizen Shared-Ride Program is a Pennsylvania State Lottery-funded initiative managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which provides reduced fare trips for people ages 65 or older. All proposed clients will complete an application which can be obtained by contacting Shared Ride. The application requires basic information, including proof of age. Call Shared Ride for more information about the program and fare costs.




The Medical Assistance Transportation Program(MATP) is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and provided by LCTA Shared Ride. If you or anyone in your family is a Medical Assistance recipient, Shared Ride can help you with transportation to and from medical providers. You can also receive mileage reimbursement if you use your own car or have family or friends drive you to a medical provider. Transportation is provided to medical care that is covered under the MATP.  There is no cost to you for approved medical trips. Please note, this program IS NOT for emergency services. To be eligible for LCTA  Shared Ride Medical Assistance transportation you must:  

     - have current active medical Assistance card

     - be a permanent or temporary resident of Luzerne or Wyoming Counties

     - need transportation to get to a covered medical service from a provider who accepts the MA card.

You can use MATP services to get to any health care service that is covered by Medical Assistance. If you need to use MATP services to get to and from your medical providers, call Shared Ride to "register."  The Shared Ride office must determine your eligibility. You will be asked for your ACCESS card number to make sure you are eligible for MATP services, and you will be asked a few questions about your need for transportation.

Make sure you tell us about any special needs you may have, such as if you use a wheelchair or walker,  or have limitations that keep you from getting to the curb. If you are registering a child who is under 18, a parent or guardian can accompany the child to their appointment at no cost to you.

Important: You can obtain transportation services for up to 30 days while you are completing the registration process. LCTA Shared Ride provides rides in the least costly way to meet the MATP passenger's needs. Depending on where you need to go, we can arrange a ride for you using vans, taxis, or accessible vehicles for person with disabilities. We can also arrange transportation via bus if you do not live far from a bus route. Luzerne and Wyoming Counties MATP provides mileage reimbursement at the rate of $.12 cents per mile, and will also reimburse you for any parking and turnpike toll costs involved in your trip. The County Assistance Office (CAO) has funds available for mileage reimbursement only. If LCTA Shared Ride is unable to meet your medical transportation needs, we will refer you to your MA caseworker for help. The CAO phone number(s) are: 570-826-2100 in Wilkes-Barre, 570-459-3800 in Hazelton and 570-836-5171 in Tunkhannock.


The Special Transportation Efforts Program (STEP) is a reduced fare program to assist persons with disabilities in fulfilling their transportation needs. It also meets requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. STEP is availabe in the general service area of the Luzerne County Transportation Authority. The program permits approved persons with disabilities to ride on vans operated by LCTA Shared Ride.

Persons with disabilities are eligible to receive a STEP Identification Card and ride on the van system if their disability has been certified by an adminstrator of an authorized social service agency or a doctor. Eligible trips must have origins and destinations within 3/4-mile of LCTA bus routes. 

STEP Information

ADA/STEP Program Brochure


ADA/STEP Rider's Guide



ADA Resources for Riders



The persons with disabilities program(PWD) is made available and regulated through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. LCTA Shared Ride offers reduced fare transportation to persons with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. PWD consumers must be between the ages of 18-64, live in Luzerne or Wyoming Counties and need accessible public transit in a participating county beyond ADA complementary para transit services.


The PWD  program is the payer of last resort. The PWD program can be used for medical trips if you are ineligible for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP). PWD  can also be used for trips to work, social events, shopping and most other trip needs.

Call Shared Ride at 570-288-8420 for more information, fare costs, or to obtain an application for the PWD program.




LCTA Shared Ride also provides service to the general public. The only difference is that the service is not subsidized and the passenger must pay full fare, not just a co-payment. Call for details.


Please contact LCTA Shared Ride (570-288-8420 OR 1-800-679-4135) if you are interested in applying for any of our transportation programs. (Contact LCTA Fixed Route 570-288-9356 for information  about the STEP program) Based on the information provided, a scheduler will send you the proper application. You may Also come to our office to pick up an application for the Shared Ride Senior Citizen and PWD programs. Please call before your visit, so we may inform you of the information required to complete the registration process.




Hours of transportation service for most programs are from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The STEP program operates 5:00 a.m. until 7:10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:50 a.m. to 6:05 p.m. on Saturday.



Once you are registered, you may call Shared Ride to reserve a ride. The office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For appointments other than STEP program, you must call us no later than 12:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the day of the trip. For trips on Monday, you must call before 12:00 p.m. of the previous Friday. To plan ahead, you can call us up to two weeks before your appointment to arrange a ride. Please be ready ahead of time as the driver may arrive up to 15 minutes before your pick up time and the driver may also be up to 15 minutes late. Please wait at the exact doorway and address that you indicated when scheduling your ride.  STEP Program appointments can be reserved right up to the end of the previous day to the appointment.


Please call Shared Ride as soon as you are aware you need to cancel your ride regardless of the circumstances. All cancellations must be reported to the Luzerne County Transportation Authority one hour or more before the scheduled pickup time. It is your personal responsibility to cancel appointments.




If you have a complaint, we want to hear about it. In order to respond, it helps to hear about something right away and in as much detail as possible. If we've done something right, call us about that too.




All passengers must wear seat belts. Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of personal music devices without headphones are prohibited on board vehicles.

Passengers are expected to be cooperative and demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times while in the vehicle. Fighting, possession of weapons of any kind, the use of abusive language and disruptive behavior will jeopardize one's eligibility for service.